Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chapter 36: Difficult Days

Chapter 36: Difficult Days
That was the beginning of a difficult summer. In the spring I’d registered Kayda for about 6 weeks of day camp. I was beginning my yearly battle to keep her occupied enough for her to sleep at night. Well, that summer she managed to make it to one week of day camp (2 weeks got cancelled due to lack of children.) The other weeks she missed due to illness. She and I passed tonsillitis back and forth to one another all summer. First she got viral tonsillitis, then I got it and then it became bacterial so I passed it back to her.

Dave was around on and off and generally wasn't very pleasant. I was always glad when he was away. He lived in the basement but had to share the kitchen with me. Generally though, being on my own was really good. Gone was the constant tension fo trying to not make him angry that had been part of my life for most of my marriage .I was able to just be myself. I found that I quite liked going out to eat and going away on trips by myself. Several of the times that Kayda was at respite I went to the US for the weekend.  I did a lot of wandering  through craft and book stores. I'm a shopaholic. I don't need to buy anything to have fund. Just looked and the possiblity of finding treasures  is enought for me.

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