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Chapter 39: Another Series of Challenges

Chapter 39: Another Series of Challenges

In early December Dave & I decided to try again with our marriage, so things were looking much brighter for us. On December 17, my plan was to decorate the Christmas tree. Well, it appeared like Kayda had a different plan for the day. Around mid morning she started throwing up.  And, throwing up and throwing up…. By mid afternoon she was vomiting every few minutes and it contained red blood.  I phoned 911 and although they put it in as a GI bleed which is top priority, it still took 20 minutes for them to arrive. They agreed to transport her to the hospital. I decided to put her chair and other supplies in the van and drive there on my own so we could go home right away if they didn’t keep her. When I arrived at the hospital, they had her in the trauma room and came running saying she was having seizures. It actually wasn’t a seizure she was having, just her large startle episode. I thing the vomiting scared her and every time she threw up she’d tense up and startle. After checking thoroughly, it was decided that the blood was coming from a cut in her mouth not in her stomach. They moved us over to the regular ER area and there we sat for the afternoon. Kayda continued to vomit and startle frequently. Finally around 6 the pediatrician came in. I was so relieved to see that it was Dr Archer, rather than the other pediatrician who was the one who had said he’d walk slow to treat Kayda. Dr Archer agreed with my opinion that the startles weren’t seizures. But as she was still vomiting and was getting dehydrated it was decided to admit her overnight to rehydrate her. As I expected her to just be in hospital overnight, I agreed that she could stay at our local hospital and we’d give Dr Archer a try. Overnight?????? I don’t think so……..

By the time Kayda was taken upstairs to the Pediatric ward it was early evening. For some reason I hadn’t brought along her medications and other stuff she needed so I went home. Later I learned from the nurse that she had asked Dr Archer what they should do should Kayda stop breathing while I was gone. Dr Archer said “what you’d do for any other child”.  I think we’ve found a new Doctor

By the time I got back to the hospital, Kayda was on oxygen and having trouble breathing. She had aspirated at some point in the day and had the beginnings of aspiration pneumonia. I could see her hospital time lengthening before my eyes. Dr Archer said his goal would be to have her home by Christmas. One week before Christmas this looked like a reachable goal.

Over the next few days, Kayda continued to vomit, and was very clearly sick with pneumonia. She needed suctioning constantly.

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